Thursday, October 9, 2008


Nancy and Hayley high above NYC enjoying a perfect view from the top of the empire state building.
I know you thought that was me.....that's why I clarified.

When flying home from NYC, Nancy offered her first class seat to Hayley in honor of her 17th birthday. What a great aunt, huh?? Well it gets better. Hayley boards first and sends us a text...."when you see who I am sitting next to, you may want your seat back." How can this be???? Nancy flies 10,000 miles a year and only gets fat, bald and drunk men in the seat next to her. Hmmmmm, what can she be talking about??

uhh......yeah, meet Hayley's seat mate across the entire country.

The HOT new contractor of TLC's "trading Spaces" Brandon Russell. Ty Pennington, who??? He was absolutely adorable and so sweet to Hayley. Nancy stayed in the back of the plane with me, while Hayley enjoyed hot towels and a gourmet meal. On the other hand, our American Airline flight had on board trivia, so you know the "sista sista" team kicked some AA butt. You would have thought there was a cash prize for the winner....did I mention that was us?

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